SPARKcon is a multi-day, multi-discipline, multi-venue festival that celebrates creativity AND accessibility! All SPARKcon events are free and open to everyone. The information below will help you plan to get the most out of SPARKcon 2019!


SPARKcon is a mult-day, multi-discipline, multi-venue festival that is taking over Raleigh’s historic Warehouse District to our creative community with over 200 interactive events, performances, and exhibits. You can see a full list of SPARKcon events here. The festival's creative programming is divided into 14 "SPARK" categories: artSPARK, fashionSPARK, geekSPARK, danceSPARK, and so forth. Check out all of the SPARKs and see lists of events in their category here. SPARKcon is a completely FREE event. SPARKcon's open-air footprint is alcohol free.


The Go-Raleigh Bus Station is located at 214 S Blount Street, 4 blocks from the heart of SPARKcon. The FREE R-Line has two stops in the Warehouse District. View all bus routes, rates, and accommodations here.

STREET PARKING surrounding the footprint of SPARKcon is free after 5pm on Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Street parking is available before 5pm on Friday, just be sure to pay your meter! The parking meter does have a “Handicapped Parking Option” which allows visitors displaying a handicapped placard or license plate. There is no time limit on a Handicapped Payment, so there is no need to move your car again, although you do still have to pay $1 per hour of parking. View parking and payment instructions here.

Secure Parking USA is happy to support SPARKcon XIV! Plan visit to SPARKcon ahead of time by booking your parking spot in a lot near the festival before ever leaving the house. No more circling the block for you!

Redeem Code: SPARK
Redeem Value: $1.00 off
Where is the code valid: 504 Hillsborough Lot or Morgan St Lot

PARKING DECKS are available all three days, although parking fees may vary. See all available parking decks in Downtown Raleigh.

View all parking options on the City of Raleigh's website. Consider parking away from the SPARKcon footprint and utilizing Raleigh's FREE R-Line to get around downtown and to the festival.

Hotels are readily available in Downtown Raleigh, many of which are located on or within blocks of the festival. See a full list hotels in downtown here!

The Warehouse District will remain open during SPARKcon. No intersection will be blocked by SPARKcon’s footprint. Great spots for drop-off include Raleigh Union Station, S. West Street, and at CAM Raleigh.


Patrick Williams, SPARKcon Access Coordinator

Patrick Williams, SPARKcon Access Coordinator

SPARKcon celebrates creativity AND accessibility! All SPARKcon events are free and open to everyone. All indoor facilities hosting SPARKcon events have been toured and have accessible entrances and accessible paths of travel to all SPARKcon programming!

SPARKcon Access Coordinator
We have a team member dedicated to accessibility at SPARKcon. Have questions? Want to meet in person to talk about access? Contact Patrick Williams: 919.247.0609 /

We want to insure you have the best SPARKcon experience possible - fill out this online form to request additional accommodations.  We will do our best to respond to any request, but making your accommodation request more than 5 days before the start of the festival helps us to insure we provide the best accommodation possible.

SENSORY FRIENDLY PACKS are available at SPARKcon Headquarters, located inside VAE Raleigh at 309 W. Martin Street. These packs include tools to increase or decrease any attendees sensory intake: noise-cancelling headphones, sunglasses, fidgets, and books.

The accessSPARK Guide is designed to help visitors get the most out of their SPARKcon experience. The guide points to events happening over the course of the weekend that are especially accessible but does not cover all of the exciting activities SPARKcon has to offer. The guide categorizes events by whether they happen indoors or outdoors, have visual or auditory components, are loud or quiet, tactile, and kid friendly! Download the web version of the guide here, or grab one at all locations during SPARKcon!

Service dogs or miniature horses that are individually trained to work or perform tasks are welcome at SPARKcon and at all venue partners. See our Pets at SPARKcon guidelines below for information about non-service animals.


Downtown Raleigh offers so much! Support our local businesses while you're out enjoying SPARKcon weekend. Grab a drink! Grab a bite to eat! Do some shopping! Check out other cultural art opportunities! And go out after SPARKcon activities end at 11pm on Saturday!


A great place to start your SPARKcon experience is at the Headquarters located inside VAE Raleigh at 309 W. Martin Street. There you can pick up a printed daily schedules of weekend events, maps, shopping guides, the accessSPARK Guide, as well as ask friendly helpers any questions you might have about the weekend!

Over half of the events taking place at SPARKcon are on the street level with the roads closed off to motor vehicles starting Saturday morning. While this means that some areas of the streets and sidewalks can get crowded, all street-level activities are physically accessible. Do note that some streets have a slight uphill pitch to them. Street Painting provides a great connector between events, even if they happen to take place three blocks apart.

Street-level, accessible restrooms (portable toilets) are located on the 100 block of S. Harrington Street next to The Dillon apartments and the 300 block of S. Harrington Street, next to Boyette’s Auto Shop. Single stall accessible restrooms are also available at SPARKcon HQ at VAE Raleigh.

SPARKcon has many precautions put in place to prevent but also help in the case of an emergency.
If you need assistance please look for one of these people:
> SPARKcon leadership wearing dark blue and white baseball t-shirts with the SPARKcon decal on the front
> Police officers hired to work at SPARKcon
> Volunteers are always available at SPARKcon HQ located inside VAE Raleigh.
Call 911 if you need immediate assistance for an emergency.


SPARKcon's open air footprint is public space. Pets who are comfortable with large crowds and loud noises are welcome to attend the festival. Pets are not allowed in SPARKcon's indoor venues.


SPARKcon not your thing? We get it! But don't avoid all of Raleigh’s historic Warehouse District just because we have closed a few streets. No intersections will be closed in the district, so there will be a way to get around the festivities and to your destination. SPARKcon is closing the 100 and 300 blocks of S. Harrington Street, Commerce Street, and the 400 block of W. Hargett Street between the two Dillon buildings. See many of the great restaurants, shops, and bars located on and off SPARKcon's footprint on the Downtown Raleigh Alliance's website. See all downtown parking options here. Consider parking away from the SPARKcon footprint and taking the FREE R-Line around the festival's perimeter and to other fun parts of downtown!


VAE works hard to make all of its programming accessible to everyone! If you have additional questions, comments or would like to join the general conversation about accessibility in the arts, email Brandon or call 919.256.6856.